Micro dosing is an emerging and powerful way of working with sacred plant medicine.

It may seem like a modern invention but many traditional Shamans have worked with plant medicine in many ways over the last couple of thousand of years or so, including what we now call ‘micro dosing.’

Some of you may have been to overnight ceremonies and have ingested a larger amount of plant medicine at once.  That is the most commonly known approach to working with plant medicine.  These experiences tend to leave a large impact in one’s consciousness; they may ignite a big shift in you, you may see the world and yourself in a completely different light.  But sometimes it can be challenging to integrate those shifts of consciousness into one’s day to day life.

Micro Dosing is a much gentler way to receive the healing and the teachings of plant medicine.

It is also a direct way of integrating the gifts received into your life and your conscious mind.

And if you don’t have any past experiences with plant medicine, micro dosing can be a gentle introduction to this powerful healing work.

Plant Medicine can provide healing on all aspects of your being:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Interconnection of all the above aspects

We work intimately with you to help you direct the healing to the areas needed at the time.

You may want to consider micro dosing with plant medicine if you experiencing:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Feel overwhelmingly in your ‘head’
  • Wish to live more in the present moment
  • Wish to live more from your heart
  • Need help to heal and resolve old emotional wounds and trauma
  • Have experienced trauma
  • Suffer from PTSD or ADD
  • Long to feel a deeper sense of connection with nature
  • Long to feel a deeper connection with the divine
  • Wish to reconnect and nourish your spirit

The Process:

  • Micro Luz Group Circle
  • Micro Luz Individual journey

With the guidance and wisdom of the Grandmother, we open up new pathways of healing substantial life issues, bringing her light where light is needed and finding healing through connecting with the divine.

During this 21 day process we will offer guidance and support while you are going on an intimate journey with plant medicine from the comfort of your own home.

You will be guided in how to handle and work with plant medicine intimately and effectively.

You will be guided in creating a sacred space for yourself at home to work with plant medicine.

Micro Luz Group Circle:  

Micro Luz is a “cyber circle”: a group of up to 12 participants are going on this journey collectively at the same time.

To support each other, we are creating a container, a circle for us all to share and deepen the experience.  This circle is created by:

  • 5 zoom meetings with the group throughout the 21 days. During the meetings, we will offer guidance on your journey, live songs from the world of medicine music alongside prayers and guided meditations.  The meetings are a safe space for everybody to share their experience.
  • Daily playlists on spotify with songs from the medicine world and beyond
  • Up to 2 individual sessions are included as needed (Counseling, breath work and energy work)
  • Additional individual sessions can be booked with either Samashti or Jivan if needed.
  • Private group on ‘Signal’ to post daily impressions and shares.

Contribution is on a sliding scale to accommodate all that feel the call.  Your generosity will support others who can only give a little less:

$350 – $499 

Micro Luz Individual Journey

You may wish to experience this healing process  individually and not in a group setting.

As much as we appreciate the energy created by a group of people sharing the journey, we recognize that you may prefer to explore this path by yourself.

To accommodate you, we created the Micro Luz Individual Journey:

  • Dates can be adjusted to your needs, but we always stay within the 21 day frame.
  • There will be 2 zoom meetings with Jivan and Samashti
  • 2 individual session with either Jivan and Samashti
  • daily playlists on spotify
  • Day to day guidance on your journey as needed

Cost: $750 

What to expect from the process:

You should be able to do everything you normally do from working physically or working in an office.  The intention is to bring the light of consciousness to your everyday life activities and relationships.

Plant medicine can help you bring more clarity and focus to your life.

  • You may feel a deeper sense of calm and presence
  • You may feel a deeper connection to yourself
  • You may receive guidance on and insights on personal issues
  • You may feel a greater sense of connection to all that is and to the divine
  • You may receive healing on the physical, emotional or mental realm
  • Stay open for surprises

Contact us for details and to set up an initial free consultation to see if this is the right path for you.