About Us

The journey that brought us here

Samashti Luz

Samashti is a guide, energy healer and musician with a unique background:

She weaves elements of body oriented psychotherapy & emotional release, breath work, counseling, primal therapy, energy work, meditation, chakra work and Tantra with her experience as a facilitator for plant medicine healing work in the Brazilian lineage.

She collected a unique set of skills through various training modalities:

  • Trained in breath-work (Re-birthing) by Leonard Orr
  • Trained in breath-work based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich and Gustav Jung.
  • Trained in Chakra Balancing & Healing
  • Trained in Counseling
  • Trained in Tantra and Sexual De-conditioning
  • Trained in Colorpuncture and Rebalancing Bodywork

Samashti has been working with plant medicine since 2003.  She has worked closely with Caroca Freitas for many years and also developed her music during that time. 
Samashti’s search for authenticity and connection with the divine has been the driving force in her life, the golden thread guiding her along the adventures of life.

Samashti has worked with people in individual intimate settings and large group gatherings for over 25 years.  

While she draws from a vast pool of skills, her work is highly intuitive and largely guided by her alliance with plant medicine spirit.

Samashti released her first album last year.  Inspired by medicine songs and songs from the Umbanda tradition in Brasil: https://www.curaluz.com/

Jivan Dicovski

Jivan is a life mentor and a guide who focuses on helping people to arrive in the present moment.

Jivan combines different modalities into his practice, such as:

  • Somatic work
  • Examining limiting belief systems
  • Emotional release
  • Meditation
  • Energy work
  • Counseling

At the age of 27 (25 years ago), after serving as an officer in the Israeli Army, getting a degree in engineering and working in the corporate world, Jivan began a journey inward  in search of emotional healing and finding the connection with the divine. This journey took him to many places around the world in which he did many workshops focusing on ‘primal feelings’, Tantra, breath work and much more. His extensive travels and consciousness expanding experiences gave him deep insights. 

Among the places he took workshops and trainings are:

  • Osho Multiversity in Poona, India.
  • Humaniversity in Holland
  • Sky Dancing Tantra Institute Harbin Hot Springs
  • Pacha Mama Community,  Costa Rica
  • Many ceremonies with Carioca Freitas

Additionally, Jivan has been working with plant medicine since 2004. His experience and personal relationship with plant medicine and similar substances were a big driving force in developing his transformational work and deepened his connection with the divine.  Over the last 8 years he has been facilitating private retreats and holding guardianship with a variety of medicines, including plant medicine.

In Jivan’s work, he combines his therapeutic skills with his experience with plant medicine into a unique and powerful offering; helping to find resolution and healing.

Jivan created his unique practice – “The Art of Falling Apart”, https://artoffallingapart.life/ which enables the receiver to recognize what is in the way of being in the present moment.